“The Face”

The nameless face in my mind,
Haunting me for the rest of time.
A face I have come to dread,
The last I will see before I'm dead.

The face that took so much away,
Caused my sanity to sway.
Caused me so much more than pain,
I live my life shrouded in shame.

The face that looked so sincere,
Has filled me with nothing but fear.
Has filled me with doubt and distrust,
And for you nothing but disgust.

The face gave me something in return,
Something that has made my insides churn.
Something that I will die with,
And without me it can not live.

The face I remember but not who you were,
Just one night that seems a blur.
Just one night is all it took,
And you stole my health like a crook.

The face is not all to blame,
Part of this story is mine to claim.
Part of this I did not myself,
And that is bad enough in itself.

The face was lying the whole time,
Told me that I would be fine.
Told me to just trust in him,
So I went out on a limb.

The face did not tell me he was ailing,
And that his immune system was failing.
And that there is not cure,
Now with HIV I must endure.