“All in my Head”

I write from my soul,
Of a life seen through my eyes.
These trials have taken a toll,
But they are my own cries.

Cries out about a past,
Or a unseen future yet to be.
How life seems to pass so fast,
Open you eyes and you will see.

See a life that was torn apart,
As it tried to start anew.
Filing this hole in my heart,
All the while as the pain grew.

Grew into someone I did not know,
And hated to be around.
I had changed and it started to show,
I felt like I was bound.

Bound to a life that was not my own,
A stranger in my own mind.
Always feeling like I was alone.
And that I was truly blind.

Blind to the love I could not feel.
Numb to the pain inside.
None of the world seemed so real,
It felt is if I had died.

Died and gone to a unknown place,
A place where time stood still.
Where all had fallen from grace.
But I had to learn to deal.

Deal with the reality,
For I was not yet dead.
Faced with my own mortality,
I had to realize it was all in my head.