“Bad Sex”

I love to watch the TV show “Bad Sex” on LogoTV.  Mostly it is because I think the host Chris Donaghue is amazingly hot and I have a huge man crush on him, but also because at times it can be a real train wreck.  With each episode I find that on some level I am able to relate to something most of the members of the show are going through, it can be some small aspect or it can be the main reason they are there seeking treatment.

If you do not know what “Bad Sex” is or you have just never watched it, here is the jest of it.  Dr. Chris Donaghue is a sex therapist.  He brings in people who for different reasons are having issues with maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle.  It could be anywhere on the spectrum that they are just not turned on by sexual intercourse to they are addicted to having sexual relations with multiple people multiple times a day.  There is a little bit of everything represented on the show.  Dr. Donaghue works with them in a group therapy atmosphere and also one-on-one.  Though his therapy sessions he works with each individual to find out what is causing them to not be able to have a healthy sex life and then to work though those issues.

Personally I believe we could all learn something from just listening to what is talked about on the show.  You never know, you might find that someone on the show is having the same issues that you are.

By watching the show and looking at my own past sexual experiences I realize that I was abusing sex and engaging in “bad sex” on a regular basis.  This not only effected me but other partners as well.  There was a time where I was one of those who was addicted to sex and I did not care where or how I got it, as long as I got it when I wanted.  This put me and everyone that I was sleeping around with at risk.  I was not protecting myself or taking care of myself the way I know I should of been and that resulted in my being infected with HIV.  This type of risky sexual behavior is what got me into the situation I am in today.  I think many of us can relate to that on some level or another and have similar situations where we knew better but we still did not act on our better judgment.

I am not here to scare anyone away from having sex, because lets face it, we are all adults and we all know we get those urges from time to time.  All I am trying to say is that there is a way to have healthy, safe, and fun sex while not going over board.  We just have to start taking better care at protecting ourselves.  Just be smart about it.

You would like to watch some episodes of Bad Sex with Dr. Chris Donaghue on LogoTV, they have episodes on their website LogoTV Bad Sex


***Also just wanted to give a quick update about all the stuff that has been going on just because I have had so many people asking me about it and sharing their concern.  I want to say Thank You to all of you, you guys really are my support group and without the help of so many caring people I am not sure I could do this.  As of right now there is no new news that the Dr. has told me so I am still kind of on wits end worrying about it.  For the most part I am trying not to think about it because when I do I end up getting really worked up and that is never a good thing.  So once again thanks every one for all the support, it really means a lot to hear from all of you.

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